DOM data of lakes on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2017)

The data source of this data set is the European Space Agency (ESA) multispectral satellite Sentinel-2. It includes the annual mean data of CDOM and DOC of Qinghai Tibet Plateau lakes in 2017. Method of use: Based on the CDOM data of the measured sample points, the image reflectance information is extracted, the best prediction variable is selected through Pearson correlation analysis, and a multiple stepwise regression CDOM prediction model is constructed to obtain the CDOM results of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau water body. Because CDOM has a good correlation with DOC, DOC prediction results are calculated by CDOM. Adjustment R of the CDOM model of the final Qinghai Tibet Plateau ² Up to 0.81.

0 2022-11-18

Landslide data set of Three Rivers Basin in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau

1) Data content: this data set is the landslide disaster data of Sanjiang Basin in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau; 2) Data source and processing method: this data set was independently interpreted by Dai Fuchu of Beijing University of technology using Google Earth; This data file is finally formed by remote sensing interpretation - on-site verification - re interpretation - re verification and other methods after 7 systematic interpretation. More than 5000 landslides have been verified on site with high accuracy; 4) This data has broad application prospects for hydropower resources development, traffic engineering construction and geological disaster evaluation in the three river basins in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

0 2022-02-28

HiWATER: QuickBird dataset on July. 25, 2012

This dataset includes one scene acquired on (yy-mm-dd) 2012-07-25, covering the natural oasis eco-hydrology experimental area in the lower reaches of the Heihe River Basin. This datum contains panchromatic and multi-spectral bands, with spatial resolution of 0.6 m and 2.4 m, respectively. The data product level of this image is Level 2A. QuickBird dataset was acquired through purchase.

0 2021-07-27

Dataset of ZY-3 02 satellite images (2017)

The data set is remote sensing image of Resource 3 No. 02 (ZY3-02). ZY3-02 was successfully launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 11:17 on May 30, 2016 by Long March 4 B carrier rocket. China-made satellite imagery will be further strengthened in the areas of land surveying and mapping, resource survey and monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, ecological environment, urban planning and construction, transportation and other fields. List of files: ZY302_PMS_E98.8_N37.4_201707_L1A0000156704 ZY302_PMS_E100.4_N37.0_20171127_L1A0000217243 ZY302_TMS_E99.5_N37.0_20170717_L1A0000160059 ZY302_TMS_E100.3_N36.6_20171127_L1A0000217279 ZY302_TMS_E100.4_N37.0_20170529_L1A0000139947 Folder Naming Rules: Satellite Name Sensor Name Central Longitude Central Latitude Acquisition Time L1****

0 2021-03-28

Dataset of ZY-3 satellite images (2017)

The major deserts in China include the Taklamakan Desert, Gurban Tunggut Desert, Qaidam Desert, Kumtag Desert, Badain Jaran Desert, Tengger Desert, Ulan Buh Desert, Hobq Desert, MU US Desert, Hunshandake Desert, Hulunbuir Sands, and Horqin Sands. All the desert boundaries were derived from Google Earth Pro® via manual interpretation. We delineated the desert boundaries using the Digital Global Feature Imagery and SpotImage (2011, 10 m resolution) collections of Google Earth Pro®, whose spatial resolution is finer than 30 m. The acquisition time of most images was in 2011.

0 2021-03-28

Dataset of GF-2 satellite images (2017)

Gf-2 satellite is the first civil optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by China with a spatial resolution better than 1 meter. It is equipped with two high-resolution 1-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multi-spectral cameras, and the spatial resolution of the sub-satellite can reach 0.8 meters. This data set is the remote sensing image data of 6 jing gaofen-2 satellite in 2017.The folder list is: GF2_PMS1_E100.5_N37.2_20171013_L1A0002678101 GF2_PMS1_E100.5_N37.4_20171013_L1A0002678097 GF2_PMS1_E100.6_N37.6_20171013_L1A0002678096 GF2_PMS2_E100.3_N37.4_20170810_L1A0002534662 File naming rules: satellite name _ sensor name _ center longitude _ center latitude _ imaging time _L****

0 2021-03-28

Dataset of GF-1 satellite images (2017-2018)

This data set is the remote sensing data of gaofan-1 satellite, including the data of two scenes of PMS1 camera on 2017-8-13 and 2017-10-5, one scene of PMS2 camera on 2017-5-27, and one scene of WFV2 and WFV3 camera on September 23, 2018.File list: GF1_PMS1_E99.1_N37.2_20170813_L1A0002539236 GF1_PMS1_E101.2_N36.4_20171005_L1A0002653985 GF1_PMS2_E100.3_N37.7_20170527_L1A0002384098 GF1_WFV2_E98.4_N37.6_20180927_L1A0003481737 GF1_WFV3_E100.4_N37.3_20180927_L1A0003481706

0 2021-03-28

Meter resolution image data set of Hanbantota port area (2018-2019)

The meter resolution remote sensing image data of hanbantota area is composed of data fusion and splicing of different satellites. Multispectral remote sensing images with resolution between 0.5 m and 1 m from 2018 to 2019 are selected, and cloud free data with similar time are selected, and the result data set is formed by cutting and splicing according to the research area. The spatial resolution of the data is about 0.6 meters. The data is mainly used to study the high-precision extraction of disaster bearing body elements, such as port facilities, roads and so on. The extracted thematic elements will be used as the basic data of storm surge exposure and vulnerability analysis.

0 2021-01-08

HiWATER: COSMO-SkyMed dataset (2012)

This dataset includes three scenes, covering the artificial oasis eco-hydrology experimental area of the Heihe River Basin, which were acquired on (yy-mm-dd hh:mm, BJT) 2012-07-25 07:12, 2012-07-28 19:55, 2012-08-02 07:12. The data were all acquired at PingPong mode with product level of SLC, and these three images are of VV/VH, HH/HV and VV/VH polarization, respectively. COSMO-SkyMed dataset was acquired from Italian Space Agency (ASI) “COSMO-SkyMed project 1720: HYDROCOSMO” (Courtesy: Prof. Shi Jiancheng from the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science of China).

0 2020-10-13

HiWATER: SPOT dataset (2012)

This dataset includes one scene acquired on (yy-mm-dd) 2012-09-06, covering the natural oasis eco-hydrology experimental area in the lower reaches of the Heihe River Basin. This datum contains panchromatic and multi-spectral bands, with spatial resolution of 2.5 m and 10 m, respectively. The data product level of this image is Level 1. QuickBird dataset was acquired through purchase.

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