Scientific research images and site photos of natural disaster risk in the scientific research area around the Himalayas (domestic part) (2021)

The photos include daily (2021.7.25-2021.8.6) scientific research disaster points and working photos, as well as the questionnaire of each disaster point (including landslide, collapse, debris flow, etc.), identify the disaster points recorded every day on the map, convert them into KMZ format, and analyze the distribution of disaster points in the scientific research area on GIS. The distribution of disaster points shows that there are fewer disaster points along the north line and in the scientific research county, while there are more disaster points along the south line and in the scientific research county. During the scientific research, wind sand points and mountain erosion points were found and recorded. Especially in the valleys and gullies around the Himalayas, disasters such as landslide and debris flow are easy to occur, while geological disasters are not easy to occur in the Qiangtang plateau area (plateau surface). The photos of disaster points can reflect the disaster characteristics of a region. They are intuitive data for studying local disaster types, and then have basic significance for local disaster types, distribution and disaster prevention and reduction measures.

0 2022-05-06

Landslide data set of Three Rivers Basin in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau

1) Data content: this data set is the landslide disaster data of Sanjiang Basin in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau; 2) Data source and processing method: this data set was independently interpreted by Dai Fuchu of Beijing University of technology using Google Earth; This data file is finally formed by remote sensing interpretation - on-site verification - re interpretation - re verification and other methods after 7 systematic interpretation. More than 5000 landslides have been verified on site with high accuracy; 4) This data has broad application prospects for hydropower resources development, traffic engineering construction and geological disaster evaluation in the three river basins in the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

0 2022-02-28