Surface spectra dataset during Soil Moisture Remote Sensing Experiment in Luanhe River Basin (2018)

Surface spectra dataset during Soil Moisture Remote Sensing Experiment in Luanhe River Basin (2018)

The surface coverage types of ground spectrum data set include bare soil, grassland and crops. The survey location is xiaoluanhe River Basin; The measurement time was from August to September 2018; Measurement method: using ASD spectrometer, each sample was observed three times. Spectral band range: 350 ~ 2500nm. Data processing software: viewspec Pro software. The data set consists of two parts, one is the spectrum of Xinyuan pasture and its surrounding objects (August 28, 2018 - September 12, 2018), the other is the Vegetation Spectrum of lightning River synchronous experiment (September 15, 2018 - September 26, 2018).

File naming and required software

The original data format is. ASD, which can be read by viewspec Pro software. The original data is stored in different folders according to the time and crop type. Every five pieces are a sample point information, and the number starts from 0. The location information is described in a TXT document. The data format after preprocessing is. TXT format, and the naming method is consistent with the original data.

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Chai, L., Jiang, H. (2021). Surface spectra dataset during Soil Moisture Remote Sensing Experiment in Luanhe River Basin (2018). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, DOI: 10.11888/Soil.tpdc.271543. CSTR: 18406.11.Soil.tpdc.271543. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Related Literatures:

1. Chai, L.N., Jiang, H.Y., Crow, W.T., Liu, S.M., Liu, J., & Yang, S.Q. (2020). Estimating corn canopy water content from normalized difference water index (NDWI): an optimized NDWI-based scheme and its feasibility for retrieving corn VWC. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.3041039).( View Details | Bibtex)

Using this data, the data citation is required to be referenced and the related literatures are suggested to be cited.

References literature

1.Zhao, T.J., Shi, J.C., Lv, L.Q., Xu, H.X., Chen, D.Q., Cui, Q., Jackson, T.J., Yan, G.J., Jia, L., Chen, L.F., Zhao, K., Zheng, X.M., Zhao, L.M., Zheng, C.L., Ji, D.B., Xiong, C., Wang, T.X., Li, R., Pan, J.M., Wen, J.G., Yu, C., Zheng, Y.M., Jiang, L.M., Chai, L.N., Lu, H., Yao, P.P., Ma, J.W., Lv, H.S., Wu, J.J., Zhao, W., Yang, N., Guo, P., Li, Y.X., Hu, L., Geng, D.Y., & Zhang, Z.Q. (2020). Soil moisture experiment in the Luan River supporting new satellite mission opportunities. Remote Sensing of Environment, 240. (View Details | Download )

Support Program

National Natural Science Foundation of China (No:41671337)

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Example of acknowledgement statement is included below: The data set is provided by National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (

License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Geographic coverage
East: 115.98 West: 115.73
South: 41.68 North: 42.04
  • Temporal resolution: Daily
  • Spatial resolution: 100m - 1km
  • File size: 34 MB
  • Views: 2,323
  • Downloads: 312
  • Access: Open Access
  • Temporal coverage: 2018-08-28 To 2018-09-26
  • Updated time: 2021-06-23
: CHAI Linna   JIANG Haiying  

Distributor: National Tibetan Plateau Data Center


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